Essential Oils (Natural)

Essential oils are natural products extracted in a number of ways from plants; however, all plants do not contain essential oils. Essential oils extracted from plants contain aromatic properties used as remedies for a number of problems. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy practice to help ease muscle pain, emotional problems, menstrual issues, skin problems, arthritis and more, according to author Julia Lawless in her book "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils."

Fragrance Oils (Synthetic) "Only at Customers Request"

Fragrance oils are synthetic products and therefore do not possess the properties of essential oils. Fragrance oils are essentially a "pleasant" aroma, and many modern perfumes are created using fragrance oils. It is possible to create almost any aroma in a fragrance oil, unlike an essential oil, which is extracted from a plant. If YOU the customer request fragrance oils, WE here at Crystal Lights Meditation will annotate on the label of your product the word "fragrance" indicating that this product has been reduced in it's natural content.


Lavender (100% Natural)

Honey Oatmeal (100% Natural)

Lemongrass (100% Natural)

Rose (100% Natural)

Frankincense (100% Natural)

Sandalwood (100% Natural)

Patchouli Cedarwood (100% Natural)

Eucalyptus (100% Natural)

Tea Tree (100% Natural)

Pepper Mint (100% Natural) (Seasonal)

Spearmint (100% Natural) (Seasonal)

Cinnamon Leaf (100% Natural) (Seasonal)

Sandalwood and Bourbon (99% Natural due to added Bourbon fragrance)

Lemongrass and Green Tea (99% Natural due to added Green Tea fragrance)

Rose and Sweet Pea (99% Natural due to added Sweet Pea fragrance)

Activated Black Charcoal Loofah Pumice Foot Scrub with Chia Seed

Sweet Pea (95% Natural due to Fragrance)

Green Tea (95% Natural due to Fragrance)

Egyptian Musk (95% Natural due to Fragrance)

Frankincense and Rain (95% Natural due to Rain Fragrance)

Our Version Twilight Woods (Fragrance) (95% Natural due to Fragrance)

Our Version of Jean Paul Gaultier-- Eboni Luna (95% Natural due to Fragrance)

Eucalyptus and Mint 100% Natural

Eucalyptus and Green Tea (99% Natural due to Green Tea Fragrance)